Eco Laundry Powder

Eco Laundry Powder

Are you unaware or tired of all the unnecessary fillers and chemicals in your laundry detergent?  Do you want to make a change and throw out all those cancer causing Parabens, Sulfates, Surfactants, Optical Brighteners, Synthetic Fragrances, Enzymes and Bleach?

Udderly Healthy Soaps have come to the rescue to make your Laundry a much healthier place for you and your family.

Our Multi-Purpose Eco Laundry Powder is not just healthy but a cost saving also.  At just 41 cents per wash in comparison to OMO (54 cents) and Cold Power (45 cents)*.  All you need is just one tablespoon per wash.

Udderly Healthy Soaps contains NO borax or nasty chemicals. Just pure, natural and healthy ingredients.

Without the use of any fabric brighteners this laundry powder brightens your clothes naturally, leaving you with clean, fresh-smelling washing ready for you to wear again.

And…..not just for your Laundry!   Have you ever had trouble cleaning your shower glass of the accumulated scum.  Our Laundry Powder is also a multipurpose cleaner.  Put a small amount on an abrasive sponge and it is great for cleaning your shower glass, bath and sinks leaving it shiny without that smeary look.  Also use it to wash your toilet.  Just throw a bit down the bowl and give a little scrub.

Have you noticed that some brands don’t openly and honestly admit to what is truly in their Laundry detergent?

We have nothing to hide and are happy and proud to state exactly what our Laundry Powder is made from.

By purchasing our Multi-Purpose Laundry powder you can save money because it’s an “all in one”.  No need to buy a ‘laundry detergent’ a ‘pre-soak’ a ‘whitener’ a ‘shower glass cleaner’ a ‘toilet cleaner’ and ‘bathroom cleaner’ because Udderly Healthy Soaps Multi-Purpose Laundry Powder does all that!

No matter whether you’re using mains water, tank water, hard water or dam water; a top loader or a front loader – this Eco laundry powder works.

Our laundry soap bars are great for getting out those stubborn, “hard to get off” stains in clothes (eg: blood, oil etc.) and also for removing stains in carpets and other materials.

We recommend using this laundry bar in conjunction with our Eco laundry powder.  If you have a few stains or very dirty clothes we recommend giving the stain a light scrub with our laundry soap bar and then you can clean in your machine with the laundry powder.  For getting out dried blood stains – use cold water and a little bit of the laundry soap bar rubbed on the stain.

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