We believe farming should be ethical, cruelty free and regenerative – taking care of the animals and land just as its always been intended for nature.

Yes, we’re also the dairy farmers behind these products you love.
And we’re daring to dairy differently – no killing, no separating the babies and no harsh treatment of livestock.
We feel that healthy and happy goats, equals, good nutritious milk.

Unlike most other dairy farms we DON’T kill the baby boys or retired milkers and we DON’T separate the mums and kids. Our heard of over 70 goats is like one big family all living together and we feel there’s enough milk to share around!

Our very pampered ladies are delighted to provide wonderful, creamy milk that is then turned into our luxurious range of soaps, skincare, body care and hair care.

There is no treating or processing made to the milk, but instead left in it’s natural form – Raw and Pure!

Our herd of over 70 dairy goats are cared for like our own babies.
Each one has their own name and you can read all about them over at our staff page.
They are all fed a balanced diet and minerals and enjoy fresh organic veggie scraps from week to week.
All our herd have over 40 acres to graze and browse on and are not locked up in sheds or small pens. We have a warm open shed for them to sleep in at night or stay warm in if its raining during the day.
Our ladies are not pushed for production at all and given extra TLC whenever needed.
We milk in the morning so our beautiful girls can enjoy their day comfortably without dragging around full udders.

We are passionate about regenerative agriculture which includes the use of a technic called rotational grazing to maximise the nutrients, minerals and goodness going from the animal to ground and back through the grass to the animal.

As our founder Orianna Edmonds says; “My personal passion is living on the land, taking care of nature and loving our earth and environment as it deserves.  Regenerative agriculture is very close to my heart and I feel in encompasses our entire food chain and eco system in a great way that therefore benefits the health of us humans, animals and the planet”.

Regenerative agriculture is an approach to farming that emphasises the importance of rebuilding soil health and biodiversity, rather than simply extracting resources from the land. The goal of regenerative agriculture is to create a self-sustaining ecosystem in which plants, animals, and soil microbes work together to create a healthy and productive environment.

Some key principles of regenerative agriculture include reducing tillage, promoting soil cover with cover crops and crop rotations, increasing biodiversity through the use of multiple crops and livestock, reducing or eliminating the use of synthetic inputs such as fertilisers and pesticides, and integrating livestock into crop production systems to enhance soil fertility.

Regenerative agriculture is seen as a promising solution to many of the environmental challenges facing modern agriculture, including soil degradation, loss of biodiversity, and greenhouse gas emissions. By rebuilding soil health, regenerative agriculture can help increase the resilience of agricultural systems, improve food security, and mitigate the impacts of climate change.

With regenerative grazing: soil health is improved, paddocks are more resilient to climate variability, a more nutrient dense food supply is produced, water retention increases, livestock receive a happy amount of feed and the dependence on chemical inputs is reduced.

Here at Naturally Goat we’re working towards making a better planet and show that farming can be done in a more ethical way – so thank you for joining us on this journey and we appreciate your support.