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I cannot believe the moisturiser. I use the lemon myrtle scented one. It has travelled around the world with me . The container is light, the product maintains its structure in extreme heat, cold and pressure of flying. When I run the cream into my face it immediately feels like it is being absorbed- not just acting as a surface layer. I love using this product as my skin feels elastic again and totally hydrated. I will continue to use it as my “brand” from now on. You have created an amazing product and business.”

Angie Beale


” My family has long enjoyed the Naturally Goat foaming soaps and laundry powder. Recently I began using the skincare and my skin is very thankful. My facial skin is now so soft and hydrated. I used to be reminded to cleanse and moisturise as my face felt dry and drawn. Now I have to remember without any help from my skin. 🙂 ”

Carleen Sing


“I purchased Naturally Goat Laundry Powder after careful consideration about whether it would work in my machine, and would do a good job. I have to say that I am extremely happy with the result. I already used a chemical free laundry detergent before, but this one is much better! My clothes are cleaner, softer and they smell lovely! Thanks for making this great product, I will be recommending it to others.”

Miriam M.


I normally use a very expensive, well-known bath & shower soap & have done so for many years, I never thought there could be anything better.  Now after using your Goats Milk Soap, I have been converted. Your soap with its’ delightful fragrance & lather imparts the most pleasant feeling on the skin, even using it with our not so great tank water.

Rae S.


Being very sensitive to most soaps, this was not the case with the goat soap I received. Great versatile soap. Not only do I use it to wash my hands but its very gentle on my hair and I also lather it up to use when I shave. Best soap I’ve used to date. Thankyou!

Tom D.


Dear Naturally Goat
Members of my family have some skin related problems with both Psoriasis and Rosacea, making it very hard to find soaps that don’t irritate and flare up the conditions. Earlier this year we purchased some of your beautiful Goats Soap & I just wanted to let you know that it has been amazing.  My daughters & I all suffering with Rosacea have been able to use the soap on our face with no flare ups & have found the soap to be so moisturising. My husband has also found the soap very moisturising & has felt it has helped him manage the itchiness of his psoriasis.
We will definitely be recommending this soap to family & friends and look forward to trying some of your other soap lines.

Kindest Regards,  Colleen & Family.


Your soap is amazing!  My daughter had very dry skin and had eczema. After using your soap I have seen significant improvement in her skin condition. I used to buy goat milk soap from the shop, but I felt those are not that good comparatively. I felt that I am using 100 percent natural and safe soap for my family. I also found that the soap is great for hair too.

Ida S.


I have recently started using Naturally Goat soaps and have been really pleased with the results. I have sensitive skin and have found that this soap leaves my skin feeling soft and silky.  I use it when I shower, wash my hair and during the day for hand washing. My husband also has sensitive skin and he uses the soap for shaving and is very satisfied  I like the fact that the ingredients are natural and would recommend that you give this product a try and I am sure, like me you will be very pleased with the results.

Fay W.


Thank you, the soap is wonderful – it feels so gentle and pleasant on the skin – I am becoming a convert to reducing the chemicals we use: the soap is a terrific example of this.

Kerry C.


I have found Naturally Goat’s Goats Milk Soap to be the best shaving Soap I have ever used. It gives a really smooth shave without any irritation whatsoever & leaves the skin feeling rejuvenated & refreshed. We are on hard tank water & have to overcome a high tannin content, your soap far outperforms traditional commercial soaps at less cost.

Ken S.


Good milk soap
Of the best kind
Always gives you peace of mind
That the environment’s fine
Silky & Sensuous
Organic & Natural
All hand crafted –
Production & Affordable

Faye E.


We purchased a variety of hand soaps (and the little soap holder trays) for our whole household. We decided to order different types for each sink. We have all been very happy with the soaps we have used. Our hands feel not only clean, but they are not dry after washing. The soap seems to moisturise our skin very well. We are very happy with them and would recommend them to other people.



We have to use dam water to do our washing, so it is not always easy to get good results, especially with whites. Since using Naturally Goat’s  Laundry Powder in our Top-Loader we now have much brighter colours & whiter whites & a delightful fragrance as well. A much better result than with the high-priced major brand washing powders. I have also found it makes an excellent pre-soak, removing difficult stains one gets on a farm.



A tablespoon at a time
hangs sparkling washing on the line.
Environmentally friendly
with nothing deadly.
Smells lovely, dissolves well
Great to use, I can tell.

Faye E.


“I Love the Laundry Powder, it’s made such a difference to my washing, particularly being on tank water. It is far better than any other washing product I’ve ever used.  I love the smell, and it’s so easy to use.”