About us

Combining high quality oils and the finest Australian Goat Milk, Naturally Goat manufactures Organic Skincare, Household Cleaners and Babycare products.

Whether you’re suffering from dry skin, a condition such as eczema or are simply health conscious, our mission is to help people love their skin and environment again.

Naturally Goat is an Australian, family owned company, nestled in the country, rolling hills of St. Andrews, Victoria where Orianna (founder) and all our staff are devoted to providing our customers with the very best quality products for their skin.

All our products are 100% free of all toxic and harmful Chemicals such as Parabens, Titanium Dioxide, Surfactants, Sulphates, Carcinogens etc as well as NO Palm Oil.

Naturally Goat’s first order was taken over to Africa by a missionary who used them to help out all the girls and mothers with soap in an orphanage in Uganda.  So whilst we are passionate about the health of those around us here in Australia, we also look across the world to those out there that also need some healthy soap!

We’ve had such great success with people who have not been able to use any soap, now being able to use soap again.

We take pride in our work and the products we create and we hope that you too will enjoy them as much as we do ourselves. 






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