Are Your Products Halal or Kosher Certified?

No. Our products are not certified Halal or Kosher.

Are Your Products Certified Organic?

We would love to hold a piece of paper for Organic Certification however the cost is so high it would make our products 10 times more expensive. We try to keep our products at the lowest cost possible so we’ve decided to follow all the standards plus more but unfortunately due to the price we don’t hold the ‘certification’. As mentioned we follow the standards and all our ingredients are completely natural and in fact most of them are either organic or certified organic themselves. .

We don’t eat the soap, so what does it matter?

Well, many think that it doesn’t matter what is in the soaps and lotions they use on their skin because they aren’t eating it, so it should be fine, but this isn’t true at all. Your skin is like a sponge and absorbs much of what you put onto your skin.

It is known that a better way to absorb Magnesium is to bath in it or rub Magnesium oil into your skin rather than taking it orally. Foot patches are used as detoxes through the skin. So given that your skin absorbs so much of what you place on it, we believe that no one would want harsh and toxic chemicals going into their body, so that’s why we are so careful about what we use in our soaps.

How is the soap made?

Some other soap manufactures buy pre-made soap, melt it down, add a scent which is often artificial fragrance, add colour which will most often be artificial, pour it into a mold and let it sit for a few hours then sell it. This is a very easy way of making soap as there is no stress with dealing with lye (Sodium Hydroxide) or the time to let it cure before being able to sell it.

The downside to this option is that the pre-made soap bases (often refereed to as “melt and pour”) are not very healthy at all. Even if they are labeled “goats milk” it can still contain harsh and toxic chemicals, such as Titanium Dioxide.

Another way, that almost ever big commercial manufacture uses is soap noodles.  Again, pre-made soap noodles are combined with colour and fragrance and then pressed together.

So whilst some may choose these very easy options we like to stick to the old fashioned way of making soap called the “Cold Processed” method.

This historic method includes in mixing the oils together and then adding a goats milk mixture to these amazing skin loving oils. After this we then add our essential oils and clays depending on the soap. Then it is hand poured into molds and set aside for 48-60 hours.  The soaps are then taken out of the mold and set aside on drying racks to cure for 6-8 weeks at a minimum. After this we then hand package and label it ready for sale.  We feel that this method of mixing together raw and pure ingredients leaves you with a better quality soap that has far more goodness and nutrients to it.

Can Your Products Be Used On My Pets?

We got asked this question so much that we were inspired to formulate and create a skincare range for pets, Naturally Pooch. We’ve used the same ingredient philosophy and policy as Naturally Goat but tweaked the formulas to suit your dogs.!

Do you ship world wide?

Absolutely. At the moment our website only calculates shipping automatically for a few major countries so if your area does not come up please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us, so we can organise the best shipping method for you.

Are Your Soaps, Made With 100% Goats Milk?

Yes!  Many other soap manufactures cheat and use 1/2 water and 1/2 milk for the liquid in their soaps, as this is easier for them.  Or milk powder is used as an alternative to fresh milk.  They then can claim this as a “goats milk” bar of soap, however you will find that it will not give you the best results.  Here at Naturally Goat we use 100% fresh goats milk in our soaps and this is what gives you such a soft, creamy and gentle soap, providing you with such good results.  You’ll find that our soaps have a more creamy look and feel to them, and this is because we use all goats milk and no water or powdered milk.  Our soaps also contain a high percentage (22.1%) of Goats milk and this is another reason why our soaps are so different to any other goat milk soap.  Many others contain around 5% milk.

Do You Test On Animals

Absolutely not. We test on ourselves, then our friends and lastly on their friends just to be sure!! Here at Naturally Goat nothing toxic can be found in our factory! So no testing is ever harmful but of course we always want to make sure we are producing the best products we can which is why we test it on ourselves beforehand!
So no humans or animals are harmed at all.

Are There Any Hidden Ingredients?

100% NO! Honesty is a big standard of ours and we feel you deserve to know exactly what is in the products your purchase and use. Like many products there are often hidden ingredients within ingredients such as like colours, fragrances and oil blends. Colours often contain carcinogenic chemicals that are never stated…….we feel this is totally wrong. We all have the right to know exactly what is going onto our skin. Everything ingredient counts!
We are also very conscious of allergies and therefore want everyone to know what is in our products before any harm arises.

How Do You Treat Your Goats?

Each and everyone of our goats are considered family. We hate the way the commercials do it and that means we’re dedicated to not be like that at all. Each goatie has a name, a gorgeous personality and a passion to provide top quality milk for your products. We all work together as a family and team (all the goats included) to do our best and in return give you outstanding products that will offer you great results.
Our goats are NOT in anyway abused nor hurt or harmed. We take great care of our goats as if they were our own human babies.

They browse and graze over 43 acres in goat loving territory!  We feed our goats top quality feed and minerals enabling them to give back creamy milk.

We feel that healthy goats equals good milk.

Our milking ladies are fed good food to nourish and sustain them and are not pushed to produce more milk in anyway – what they give is what we get!   This leaves them happy and us comfortable to knowing they are doing what they can and not under stress.

We milk in the morning to allow the girls freedom and comfort during the day.  This means they are not walking around all day carrying udders full of milk.

What’s Different Between Your Body Butter and Moisturisers?

Our Body Butters are a thicker oil based cream while our moisturisers are a water based and more light cream. Whilst our moisturisers are thicker than a lotion, when applied they soak in well leaving a moisturised feel to your skin and face.