Meet Our Staff

It’s a pleasure to introduce you to our staff members.  Each one of them add such great attributes to our company.  Without them Naturally Goat may not have even started.  It’s a joy to have them in our business and we value them all so much.  They each have special & unique rolls that they fulfill so well.  We hope you enjoy reading about each of our staff members

Chief Breeding Officer
With 4 years of experience in the breeding industry, Quinton is currently our chief breeding buck.  He is quick & proficient at what he does & enjoys every moment of it.  He is well recognized & respected within his industry.  Outside of work hours Quinton enjoys munching on grass, trees & shrubs!
    RRP - In memory
    UPDATE:  With tears we write that our beloved Beula passed away peacefully (due to old age) to a much better place on 15th February 2020.  We miss her dearly and have decided to leave this here for you to remember how much of a darling and well loved goatie she was here at Naturally Goat.

    Beula had traveled around the place, working at different big farms, gaining her 15 years of experience in the milking world.  She had recently retired from producing milk at Naturally Goat but her role of loving and nurturing the new young girls had not changed.   She ensured that all the goats were in good order whilst keeping an eye out for what was happening around the place.  In her spare time she enjoyed relaxing in the paddock, playing with her kids, grandkids, great grandkids and great great grandkids, whilst enjoying a nibble here & there of grass!

      Chief Feed Analyst
      Cheddar is amazing at her job & she thoroughly enjoys it.  She goes out of her way to find the next feed to analyse.  Cheddar, just to make sure the food is OK for the rest of our staff, doubles checks and triple checks.  In her spare time she enjoys munching on grass and trees.  She also enjoys spending time with her family.
        Sales Manager
        Milly is new to the farm.  She’s been with us 1 year now and has just had her first little twin kids; Milo and Milkyway.  Her personality fitted in very well in our sales department so she has joined the team there and is now our sales Rep Manager!  She is looking forward to producing buckets of fresh milk when her duty of feeding her kids is finished. In her spare time she just loves relaxing, being the boss, eating lots and caring for her new born babies.
          Chief Herd Officer
          Thyme is Tango’s older son and was born 6 years ago along with his twin sister Tarragon.   His sweet & gentle personality is just what’s needed for this position.  Thyme has been in the industry for his whole life and is our wonderful Chief Herd Officer.  He manages all our staff ensuring they are keeping up to speed.  In his spare time he enjoys his food & a good cuddle & nose scratch from the humans!
            Bougainvillea is still in training as she waits to be a mumma this year in 2020 – she looks forward to when she will be able to contribute in the milking department too!  Her mum Bottle-Brush, Auntie Buttercup, Grandma Blossom & Great Grandma Buela will be sure to help her as she learns the tips and tricks of working for Naturally Goat.  In her spare time she enjoys eating grass, taste testing trees and playing with the little kids.
              Trainee Milker
              Tinkle always has a massive smile on her face, that it is absolutely contagious!!  On the 11th of December 2016 Tinkle became a very proud mum to Toffee & Toblerone!  She also took Darcy and Dandelion, the 2 orphans under her wing & they now know her as their goat mum.  She produced buckets of milk for Naturally goat for a while when she became unwell and spent some at the animal hospital.  After much TLC from the human team at Naturally Goat she recovered very well and took 2 years leave from producing.  In early Novemember 2019 she had 2 gorgeous babies Tambourine and Tangelo and is now looking forward to producing milk again this year.    In her spare time she enjoys hanging out with her friends and family, whilst continuing her role as a mum.
                This is the Role that Cheesy-Brie has adapted to very well.  When she first arrived at the farm she was scared of people and would run away.  But over time she has come to trust people and is now the first to welcome anyone and everyone at the farm.  Her sweet and personable personality makes everyone smile & laugh as they walk in the gate!  Outside of her working hours, Cheesy-Brie enjoys spending her time camping beneath the shade of the country trees with her family.
                  Hygiene Manager
                  Bottle-Brush is our Hygiene manager who has much experience in her industry.  She ensures clean practices within Naturally Goat.  Bottle-Brush is a perfectionist & performs her job thoroughly with a great attitude.  When she sees spilt food shes automatically onto the clean up.  Outside of her work hours Bottle-Brush enjoys sport & watching her favorite movie called “Watch the neighbours drive past”!
                    Trainee Milker
                    Twilight has such calm personality but her sweet humorous manner ensures that our company is always filled with laughter.  Twilight is first at the gate & is set & ready to help anyone & everyone that walks in the door!   Outside her work hours Twilight enjoys her cups of tea & foraging in the paddock.  Twilight is also a great mum to her daughter Tulip.
                      Retired Milker
                      Tango was our very first brown and white darling and has always had the most cheeky attitude!  She is always first at the gate to smoother you with love and attention.   Outside of her work hours, Tango loves to dance, sing and spend time with her family.
                        Shipping Manager
                        Buttercup is one of Beula’s grandkids, twin sister to Bottle-Brush & daughter to Blossom. Over the years Buttercup has enjoyed becoming a mum twice.  Buttercup is our fantasic Shipping Orders manager, ensuring all your orders get butted to the postie in good timing! She is also another fantastic milk producer here at Naturally Goat.  In her spare time, she enjoys munching on hay & watching her favourite TV series “the humans are funny”!
                          Paddock Manager
                          With 6 years of experience in her industry, Tarragon is incredibly skilled at what she does.  Here at Naturally Goat, Tarragon is responsible for identifying and eliminating different species of weeds and grasses.  Tarragon’s job is very important, to keep the paddocks in good order and the goats healthy.
                          In her spare time, she enjoys some vigorous head butting.  She also adores her family.
                            Paddock Manager
                            Camembert who is daughter of Cheesy-Brie, Auntie to Cheddar & Chestnut & mother to Chips, Colby and Chèvre, has much experience in this specialised area.  Here at Naturally Goat she is responsible for paddock health, and she achieves this through an intensive organic herd fertilisation process.  Outside of her work hours Camembert enjoys relaxing and nibbling any new grasses that pop up.
                              Quality Control Manger
                              Coffee’s job is very important to ensure good quality is used within our company! He has 7 years in the industry and absolutely loves this role.  Coffee, in his spare time enjoys hanging out with his friends and having a good headbutt.
                                Occupational Health & Safety Manager
                                Chestnut’s role here at Naturally Goat is to ensure good health & safety with in our work place & environment.  With her perfection, nothing could go wrong!  Chestnut, in her spare time, enjoys munching on grass & trees.
                                  Trainee Milker
                                  Dandelion is currently working her way up to being a fully fledged wonderful milker.  Her family line carries amazing milking abilities and once she has finished weening her current kids; Daphne Delphinium, she will be supplying milk solely for Naturally Goat.  She has great manners with all our customers & treats them dearly.  No one could be turned away when doing business with Dandelion!  In her spare time she enjoys relaxing and eating!
                                    Paddock Manager
                                    Caprice – not yet a milker happily wanders around the paddock ensuring all is well and up to date.  In her spare time she enjoys eating, relaxing and reading the clouds!!!
                                      Experienced Milker
                                      Blossom is one of our amazing experienced Milkers.  Daughter to Beula and mother to Bottlebrush, Butter-Cup and Begonia.   In her spare time she loves hanging out with her retired mother Buela.
                                        Bluebell is looking forward to becoming a mum and milker later this year 2020.  In her spare time she enjoys playing “goat jump” and eating.
                                          Begonia is still enjoying the young adult life so besides learning the drill here at Naturally Goat she just enjoys hanging out and eating!!
                                            Amazing Milker
                                            Cremont – daughter of Cheddar and mother to Cassio is one of our best milkers here at Naturally Goat.  If you say “that’s a lot of milk” trust Cremont to surpass that by a long shot!!! She has been enjoying training up Cassio as she learns the trade.  In her spare time she likes to eat, message her bird friends on Twitter and rest under trees.
                                              Goat Nanny
                                              Current, daughter to Chestnut is caring, loving and loves to adopt babies!  Every kid that is born here at Naturally Goat, Current is sure to be the babysitter and make sure the mums get a break when they need!!  In her spare time she likes to follow @nanny_goats_R-US!!  She is also another fantastic Milker here at Naturally Goat
                                                Cassio – daughter of Cremont and grandaughter to Cheddar is still in training as she prepares to be a mum and start in the milking industry later this year 2020.   In her spare time she loves hanging out with her step-sisters and climbing logs.
                                                  Tumeric – daughter to Tarrgon, twin sister to Tansy and granddaughter to Tango.  She is looking forward to being a mum and milker later this year 2020.  Shes been eager to start in the dairy industry but we don’t push our ladies so shes been patiently waiting for the right time.  In her spare time she enjoys trying to be an adult “lady”!!
                                                    Tansy – twin sister to Tumeric is also waiting to enter the milking industry later this year 2020. She has a quiet personality and enjoys hanging out in the paddock and learning the drill and procedures here at Naturally Goat.
                                                      Milk Tester
                                                      Our milk testers have almost the most crucial role here at Naturally Goat.  Skincare products wouldn’t be top quality if the milk wasn’t top notch!!  Milkyway is very new to the industry, but this is actually important, because only the young ones will know the difference between good and not good milk!!   Daughter to Milly and sister to Milo, she ensures her mum’s milk is perfect for us to use for soap.
                                                        Chief Customer Cuddles Officer
                                                        Trumpet, son to Tango and brother to Twilight is the cutest cuddler and snuggler you’ve ever known!  He just loves attention and affection.  Everyone falls in love with Trumpet.   In his spare time he enjoys more cuddles and affection!
                                                          Trainee Milker
                                                          Dahlia has just had her first twins and is enjoying motherhood as she eagerly awaits to provide milk full time for Naturally Goat.  In her spare time she enjoys eating and enjoying a rest!
                                                            Herd Manager
                                                            Ducky – Dahlia’s Brother, has undergone surgery for a hernia he got as a baby back in 2017 and has recovered very well and to the eye there is absolutely no signs he’d had one.   He has stayed with us at Naturally Goat to further his career has herd manager.  In his spare time he like to jump around and eat food!!
                                                              Tulip – daughter to Twilight and granddaughter to Tango.  She is enjoying learning the tips and tricks of the dairy industry while she awaits to become a mum and milker later this year 2020.  In her spare time she enjoys hanging out with her friends and getting cuddles from the humans.
                                                                Daphne was born late 2018 and has been enjoying leaning everything she’ll need to know for when she becomes a mum and milker in 2021.   Twin sister to Delphinium and daughter to Dandelion, she has a very personable and cheeky personality that manages to charm pretty much anyone!!  In her spare time she enjoys having fun with her friends and sisters and eating whatever food she can!
                                                                  Delphinium is only 1 year old and already can’t wait to start miking.  If anyone lets her she’s straight onto the milking stand and ready to give whatever she can!!  She is very much looking forward to giving lots of milk next year 2021.  She is cheeky, rascally and stubborn!   She loves human cuddles and attention!!
                                                                    Milk Tester
                                                                    Davillia is very well respected in her role.  Shes only 2 months old but does her job well!!  Daughter to Dahlia.   She never lets one drop of milk past her mouth!  She is always ensuring the milk is up to scratch and tasty!! She loves hanging out and kidding around!!
                                                                      Milk Tester
                                                                      Tambourine is fast at her job.  Also only 2 months old.   Another amazing milk tester here at Naturally Goat.  She loves to ensure all the milk is the right temperature and creaminess level is perfect!!  She also enjoys kidding around.
                                                                        Milking Manager
                                                                        Rosie joined the herd when she was 2.5 years old and already milking.  She came to Naturally Goat to further her career in Milk Production and we felt from day one she was suited to our vacant role as Milking Manager.  Rose has a calm and placid personality and has great milking temperament hence why we gave her that position so she could teach and keep on eye on all of our other milking ladies – its Rosie’s role to ensure they are well behaved in the milking shed and provide tasty milk.  In her spare time Rosie likes to go for walks, nibble on trees and scoff down her hay!!!!