Founder and CEO Orianna Edmonds, is an award winning young entrepreneur, dairy farmer, business owner, respected advisory board member and Nillumbik Shire deputy youth mayor.

In 2021 Orianna won the award “Young Business Leader of the year” and in December 2023 Orianna took home the title of “2023 NBAA business of the year” for her company, Naturally Goat, at the Northern Businesses awards ceremony as well as the “Excellence in Sustainable and Environmental Practices award”.

Passionate about regenerative agriculture, ethical dairy farming and holistic living, Orianna is on a mission to make change in the world of dairy farming.

Orianna is passionate about young people in leadership and loves to encourage other young people to embrace their creativity, leadership skills and talents. By sharing her own experiences, challenges and successes, Orianna is on a mission to help youth achieve their goals and bring their dreams and aspirations to reality.

Building connections within community, instilling confidence and nurturing young women, Orianna is a strong believer that mental health matters and the importance of community support and young people in leadership is key.

Through programs, public speaking and engaging with large crowds, Orianna makes a significant impact on others, encouraging and inspiring people to strive for greatness.

Orianna began her business journey at the age of 15yrs when she founded Naturally Goat. Back in 2015, at just 15 years old – and upon fulfilling her longing desire to make soap she found a recipe, got her mother to buy the tools and ingredients and away she went!!

After reasonable success she attempted to do it again – producing out soap that had been the first soap ever to relieve her mothers dry hands and suffering dermatitis.

Orianna then spent 2 years perfecting the recipe until it was just perfect (after lots of trial and error and batch after batch) and now it is copy-write as her own recipe.  From there she branched out to laundry powder, hair shampoo and moisturises. Building up her business step by step. In 2019 Orianna took a leap and rebranded her business, taking it a pet further professionally.

Orianna writes:  “Today Naturally Goat is just what I always hoped for.  Its a dream coming true.  We still have so much room for growth but I would have never believed you if you said 5 years ago we’d be were we are now, so I’m excited for the next 5 years to come!”

Orianna is a determined, hard working young woman who strives to give her best.

Taking the milk from her own herd of dairy goats and combining it with luxurious botanical oils and butters, Orianna has formulated all her own recipes. Starting with one bottle of milk Orianna has organically grown her business into a global brand, now selling across the world she is now exploring the export market further. Naturally Goat is on a mission to help you love your skin better, your environment and your inner health.

In 2019 Orianna traveled to Thailand and rode 500kms in 5 days in 50+ celsius degree heat and raised over $5,000 for an orphanage run by Hands Across The Water. 4 years on from this life changing experience, Orianna’s heart is still for young girls and empowering them to follow their dreams.

At 18yrs Orianna presented on Bizversity on the young entrepreneurs show that has now been viewed all around the world by millions of business owners.

Orianna was home educated right through her school years and at just age 16 she took the initiative to study right around the world through multiple different universities including MIT, Massy Uni, RMIT, Swinburne and Griffith Uni. Studies ranged from Entrepreneurship, Agriculture, business and chemistry.

She says: ” I grew up on our family farm of 43 acres, I was homeschooled and to this day I will still and forever will maintain that it was one of the best things my parents have done.”

Orianna’s childhood lifestyle has given her the ability to think outside the square, be creative and adventurous.

Orianna is an animal and nature lover.   Her hobbies include horse riding, music, cooking and photography.


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