Going back to 2015 – Founder and CEO Orianna Edmonds, was an entrepreneurial minded 15yr old.  With grand ideas, ambitions and desires.

Upon fulfilling her longing desire to make soap she found a recipe, got her mother to buy the tools and ingredients and away she went!!

After reasonable success she attempted to do it again – producing out soap that had been the first soap ever to relieve her mothers dry hands and suffering dermatitis.

She took a step back and spent 2 years perfecting the recipe until it was just perfect.  After loads of trial and error and batch after batch she was set.  From there she branched out to laundry powder, hair shampoo and moisturises.

Orianna writes:  “Today Naturally Goat is just what I always hoped for.  Its a dream coming true.  We still have so much room for growth but I would have never believed you if you said 5 years ago we’d be were we are now, so I’m excited for the next 5 years to come!”

Orianna is a determined, hard working young woman who strives to give her best.

She is an animal lover and a family girl.

She says: ” I grew up on our family farm of now 43 acres, I was homeschooled and to this day I will still and forever will maintain that it was one of the best things my parents have done.”

Orianna’s childhood lifestyle has given her the ability to think outside the square, be creative and adventurous.

Orianna is the proud founder, owner, formulator and CEO of Naturally Goat. She has formulated all the product recipes herself.

Orianna Edmonds has not only run a business but has ridden 500kms through Thailand in 50 plus degrees in just 5 days to raise over $5,100 for an Orphange run by Hands Across The Water.

At age 18 she was interviewed by Bizversity (formerly BRIN) on the young entrepreneurs show that has now been viewed all around the world.

While finishing off home school at age 16 she took the initiative to study right around the world.  Entrepreneurship through Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Entrepreneurship and Family Business through RMIT. Agriculture through Massey University New Zealand. Introduction to Business in Asia through Griffith University. Chemistry through Swinburne University and more.  No surprise shes taken the business path!!


Find out more about Orianna here https://about.me/oedmonds


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