We Say No To Ingredients Others Won't

Naturally Goat was born because we were personally fed up of finding supposedly natural skincare and then discovered they had one or more nasty chemicals in them……if you’ve gone through the same pain – you’ll know how agonising it can be.   That’s why we say NO to ingredients that other brands don’t.

On a positive note – you need look no further because here at Naturally Goat we’ve got you covered.  Everything you need for glowing skin through to a clean toilet is right here  – jump over to our shop page and browse through our range of over 200 different products.

We say NO to ingredients like, Cetyl Alcohol, Preservatives, Additives, Derivatives, Parabens, Sulfates and bunch more.   By saying no to this ingredients we’ve created a range of skin care that is simple, effective and safe – safe for not only your skin but also your environment – think about what happens to our marine and water ways life when you flush that drain…..thats why when formulating our products we choose ingredients that are healthy, safe, biodegradable, certified organic, pure, toxic free, nano particles free….the list goes on!


When purchasing any product from Naturally Goat you can be guaranteed the finest and highest quality.  We don’t cheat on quality.  All our products are made to high standards ensuring you receive the best.

Ingredients You Can Trust

As mentioned above, we follow a strict ingredient policy which allows you to shop with us in confidence knowing that all our products are safe and contain nothing harmful or suspicious!

We are big believers in feeding our skin as we would our stomach – if you wouldn’t eat a block of petroleum wax, covered in Ceteryl Alcohol and dipped in a carcinogenic substance then why put it on your skin!!

We ONLY use pure, safe ingredients that you can trust – like Beeswax, Coconut oil, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Avocado Oil etc.  To see the list of every single ingredient we use over all our products check out our page – Ingredients

We stand for truth on labeling – meaning if its not on the ingredient list, its not in there!  We do suggest checking the ingredient list on each product on our website for most up to date ingredient listing as occasionally from time to time our labels can differ.

Only The Finest Oils Used

We only source the finest oils for or products.

Olive Oil – Our bar soaps and foaming hand wash have high olive oil content making them very gentle, soothing and soft on the skin.   We use High Quality, Italian, Food-grade, Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Coconut Oil – Many soap manufactures use coconut oil that has been Refined, Bleached and Deodorized. This then means that all the nutrients and goodness has been taken out of the oil, therefore meaning it no longer has any amazing benifits to offer your wonderful skin.  The coconut oil used in our soaps is NOT Refined, Bleached or Deodorized like in other soaps.  The coconut oil we use is Certified Organic, Food-grade and Extra Virgin.  Too much coconut oil can actually be drying on your skin, so we have found the perfect balance in our products, which means it is not drying, but instead moisturising and healing.  A soap needs the right ratio and here at Naturally Goat we have been able to achieve this after spending 2 years formulating our unique recipe for our bar soaps.

Castor Oil – Castor Oil adds lather to soap, which is why our soaps are full of bubbles and lather!   Castor oil is anti aging, and is great for fighting acne.  It softens and hydrates irritated skin whilst fighting off bacteria.  The castor oil we use is High Quality and Certified Organic. 

Truely Natural

Many soaps are labelled “Natural”, however few of them are actually completely healthy. Just because a soap contains one ingredient that is natural doesn’t mean that every single ingredient in there is going to be good for your skin and body.  Natural doesn’t mean healthy!

Palm Oil Free

We strong against using any Palm Oil.  We are an environmentally-friendly and conscious company and feel this is one way we can help save our planet.

Palm oil is very cheap which is why many soaps contain it,  however it is one of our commitments to you – to never use palm oil and never cheat on quality.

Raw Fresh Goat Milk

Most goat milk soaps contain around 5% of goats milk – ours contain 22.1%.  This is higher than any other soap we know of.

Some manufactures also cheat and use half water and half goats milk to cut costs, however we DO NOT water down the goats milk.  They also sometimes use Goat Milk Powder which is not as good as the fresh stuff!

The milk contained in every single soap of ours has been loving hand-milked from our ethically and organically managed goats.  We are an ethical company and take great delight in caring for our goats in the very best way we can.  They treated like children and fed the finest food, meaning they are very healthy, enabling them to produce the finest, creamiest and purest milk.

Our goats are milk every morning, so they can forage in the paddocks during the day with comfort in their udders as there is no heavy milk to carry around!

Our Passion

We are passionate about providing healthy soaps to everyone! Our vision is to help everyone love their skin, body, healthy and environment again!

We are unique because our products work.  It is hard to find a 100% healthy product that works.

Safe for Babies and Toddlers

Have you ever wanted to your child to wash themselves with good healthy soaps that you buy, but can’t get them to? Why not try our fancy kids soaps. Your child will love to wash them self with our soaps and you can be assured that its healthy, pure, natural, organic and much more.

We’ve had such great response from kids who’ve used our soaps. They’ve begged us to make or give them some soaps. One child was so proud of her soap she wouldn’t let anyone else in her family use it! Another child couldn’t wait for his next soap he was going to get. He chose out his “special” soap and couldn’t wait to receive it!

Our soaps are 100% safe for babies and children.  Most of our soaps come in either scented or unscented, which means if you don’t want to use a scented soap on your baby you can purchase the same soap without a scent.   However we only use pure essential oils which are very gentle and soothing on the skin.