What is eczema & how to deal with it?

Dealing with Eczema can be challenging and tiring.

But exactly what is Eczema – we all know it as a red rash that makes you itch 24/7.  But why do some people get it and not others and how does it spread??  We all have so much questions when battling eczema!

WHAT IS IT?? Eczema is a Fungus Candida and is most often linked to an allergy and or poor gut health.  

WHY DO SOME GET IT AND NOT OTHERS?  This is something that we’d all like to know but unfortunately we believe it comes down to your immune and gut health that really determines your bodies fighting abilities.  Some people are more prone to sensitive skin and also have a weaker immune system so therefore the body finds it harder to fight the fungus.  Another reason may be what your diet looks like – candida is caused by a number of things like leaky gut, poor diet etc but sugar feeds it so if you have a high sugar diet then there is no wonder eczema is an issue.  If you don’t eat any sugar than looking into other areas such as the gut, immune system and your stress levels that may also be playing part in your battle.

HOW DOES IT SPREAD?  Whist Eczema does not spread from person to person it can spread to various other parts of the body (for example, the face, cheeks, and chin [of infants] and the neck, wrist, knees, and elbows [of adults]).  Often it can spread if you scratch it and then touch other parts of your body.  Remember that while it is horribly itchy – scratching the skin will only make the eczema worse. 

The best way to immediately stop the itch is to apply topical products can really help to sooth the eczema.  However you must realise that most of the time it’s all about dealing with our body internally that is the main key to ultimate healing.

Here are 5 easy steps you can take to

1. CUT OUT all chemicals – many products contain chemicals that are damaging to our skin (and our planet) and these can have a massive effect on the health of your skin topically and internally.

2. Constantly moisturise – this is what helps to sooth and keep the eczema at bay while you address your inner health.

3. Eat healthier – Eating more greens, adding in omegas and probiotics can lead to decreased inflammation and therefore healing of the gut.

4. Take baths – using a bath milk containing oatmeal can be a life saver.

5. Shower more – this is especially important after exercising.  Leaving sweat on you is not a good idea when battling eczema.

Using natural goat milk products high in vitamins and consulting your Natropath go hand in hand when battling eczema.