When it comes to caring for your skin, have you ever had that thought “there’s no point starting now?”

We believe that beauty is not defined by age.  It’s defined by how much you love the skin you’re in and the measures you take to care for it.

I hear so many people say “Oh it’s too late now” or “I’m too old for that” or “my skin  is way past that!”  Let me tell you – its just lies filling up in your head.

Our favourite saying is a very well known old Chinese proverb  The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

Loving and nurturing your skin doesn’t have to be done in your twenties.  It can be done now – whatever age you are, even if you think old and wrinkly.

Healthy skin takes time, cost and effort but by looking after it, our skin, in return will reward us.

Many people like to know that topical products will make them age less or take away their wrinkles.  We don’t promise wrinkles but there are small steps we all can take to nourish and sooth our skin.

Here are a few simple steps you take:

1.  Cleanse and/or exfoliate daily
2.  Eat a balanced diet of fruit and veggies
3.  Moisturise before bed

Our vision is to make your skincare routine enjoyable such that you love it.

Someone told us recently, “I actually enjoy having a shower now just to pamper myself with the products – I personally never used to ‘enjoy’ taking showers and fighting with natural products but now I love it – the products just work and are enjoyable to use.”

Switching to organic can be a big step but if you start now you’re making a personal choice to love yourself and our environment.  And you’re not only saving our environment today but you’re saving for our future generations to come.