Concentrated Laundry Powder

Concentrated Laundry Powder

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Are you unaware or tired of all the unnecessary fillers and chemicals in your laundry detergent?  Do you want to make a change and throw out all those cancer causing Parabens, Sulfates, Surfactants, Optical Brighteners, Synthetic Fragrances, Enzymes and Bleach?

Our laundry powder is made without harmful chemicals. Formulated to clean garments gently with no skin irritation. Without fabric brighteners, bleach or surfactants this laundry powder brightens clothes naturally. Environmentally friendly and safe for the ground and waterways. By using this product you’re one step closer to a healthier home and planet.

Formulated to work in both top and front loader machines and safe for use in septic systems. Perfect for baby and adult clothes. Suitable for all types of water including hard water.

Our Eco-friendly, Concentrated Laundry Powder is not just healthy but a cost saving also.  At just 41 cents per wash in comparison to OMO (54 cents) and Cold Power (45 cents)*.  All you need is just one tablespoon per wash.

* According to Choice 2016
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Concentrated Laundry Powder is only 40c per wash:

Concentrated -only a little is needed
Zeolite free
Phosphates free
Bleach free
No brighteners
No fillers
No synthetic fragrances
No fabric softeners
Scented with essential oils only
No artificial colours
No borax
Aluminium free
No toxic or harsh chemicals
Safe for babies and children
Safe for very sensitive skin
Palm oil free
Naturally Goat laundry powder is as healthy as you can get and IT WORKS!  Without the use of any fabric brighteners this laundry powder brightens your clothes naturally, leaving you with clean, fresh-smelling washing ready for you to wear again!

The ingredients of our Laundry powder are healthy, simple, and completely natural.
The ingredients consist of:

Organic soap (Saponified bio-dynamic beef fat, Fresh rain water, Eucalyptus essential oil, Fresh Goats Milk)
Sodium Carbonate (washing soda)
Sodium Bi-carbonate (bi-carb soda)
Magnesium Sulfate (epsom salts)
Rock salt (aluminium free)
Citric acid
Pure Clove essential oil
Pure Cinnamon leaf essential oil
Pure Eucalyptus essential oil

Some other natural laundry detergents contain brighteners, fabric softeners and other harsh chemicals, but with this laundry powder there is none of that!  We ask the question: “why the need for those when it works without them?”.  It would be cheaper for us to fill it full of chemicals, but that would not be healthy and will most likely irritate your skin.

Contains NO borax or nasty chemicals. Just pure, natural and healthy ingredients.

Without the use of any fabric brighteners this laundry powder brightens your clothes naturally, leaving you with clean, fresh-smelling washing ready for you to wear again.

And…..not just for your Laundry!   Have you ever had trouble cleaning your shower glass of the accumulated scum.  Our Concentrated Laundry Powder is also a multipurpose cleaner.  Put a small amount on an abrasive sponge and it is great for cleaning your shower glass, bath and sinks leaving it shiny without that smeary look.

Have you noticed that some brands don’t openly and honestly admit to what is truly in their Laundry detergent?  We have nothing to hide and are happy and proud to state exactly what our Laundry Powder is made from.

By purchasing our concentrated Laundry powder you can save money because it’s an “all in one”.  No need to buy a ‘laundry detergent’ a ‘pre-soak’ a ‘whitener’…..just one bucket of Naturally Goat Laundry Powder and you’re all set.

No matter whether you’re using mains water, tank water, hard water or dam water; a top loader or a front loader – this laundry powder works.

Our laundry soap bars are great for getting out those stubborn, “hard to get off” stains in clothes (eg: blood, oil etc.) and also for removing stains in carpets and other materials.

We recommend using this laundry bar in conjunction with our laundry powder.  If you have a few stains or very dirty clothes we recommend giving the stain a light scrub with our laundry soap bar and then you can clean in your machine with the laundry powder.  For getting out dried blood stains – use cold water and a little bit of the laundry soap bar rubbed on the stain.

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The Naturally Enviro cleaning range is formulated with natural pure plant extracts and is a completely non toxic, chemical free, gentle, effective and affordable alternative to commercial cleaning products. Made from organic ingredients and pure essential oils, Naturally Enviro products are biodegradable, and free from phosphates, fillers, binders and artificial colours and fragrances, which makes them better for you, your skin and the environment.
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10 reviews for Concentrated Laundry Powder

  1. A tablespoon at a time
    hangs sparkling washing on the line.
    Environmentally friendly
    with nothing deadly.
    Smells lovely, dissolves well
    Great to use, I can tell.

  2. We have to use dam water to do our washing, so it is not always easy to get good results, especially with whites. Since using Naturally Goat Laundry Powder in our Top-Loader we now have much brighter colours & whiter whites & a delightful fragrance as well. A much better result than with the high-priced major brand washing powders. I have also found it makes an excellent pre-soak, removing difficult stains one gets on a farm.

  3. 5 out of 5

    “I Love the Laundry Powder, it’s made such a difference to my washing, particularly being on tank water. It is far better than any other washing product I’ve ever used. I love the smell, and it’s so easy to use.”

  4. I purchased the Naturally Goat Laundry Soap after careful consideration about whether it would work in my machine, and would do a good job. I have to say that I am extremely happy with the result. I already used a chemical free laundry soap before, but this one is much better! My clothes are cleaner, softer and they smell lovely! Thanks for making this great product, I will be recommending it to others.

  5. 5 out of 5

    I was extremely pleased that a single scoop of powder was able to remove stains, including dried blood stains from my sheets and pillow cases.

    This is a great natural product, I feel safe using, along with all the other great soap products.

  6. 5 out of 5

    My only words to say is I love this powder and I enjoy washing with it. I have been using this powder for over 6 months now. The fresh clean smell is evident. I love the clove oil and eucalyptus smell, which permeates through the house while washing but boy does it clean! My whites are brighter and my clothes feel fresh and clean. Use this with the laundry bar soaps and you will not be disappointed. Thank you Naturally Goat for making a safe chemical free powder that really works. I’m not changing back. From a very happy customer, Jane – Benalla Vic

    Jane Mafrici
  7. 4 out of 5

    Love the laundry powder so much! We literally went from using Omo Sensitive Liquid straight to your super laundry powder. Completely seamless. All I did was follow the ‘how to clean your washing machine before use’, then we’ve just blazed onward without a hitch. It’s been a happy non-event to transition to your product. I believe it performs with equal competency to the leading brands. Bonus points for the fabulous smell it leaves on your clothes; everyone loves that too. Thanks for a great product – I’m enjoying using it, well, as much as you can say you enjoy laundry generally!

  8. 5 out of 5

    I’ve used several of the products from Naturally Goat and they are exceptional in quality. Our favourite is this Goat Milk laundry powder which is so reasonably priced given its superior quality and it lasts a very long time with over 50 washes from the small tub. We do two loads of washing per week and this means it will last for almost 6 months which is so sustainable! Would highly recommend!

    Gaayathri Periasami
  9. 5 out of 5

    I like how well this laundry powder washes. It’s better then the chemical cocktail collection you find down your coles and Woolworths cleaning isle. So glad I Google search Australian made and owned which led me to this site. Washes good smells good my clothes actually smell and feel clean towels are soft sheet’s feel cozy. I highly recommend this laundry powder this is my go too for now on.

    Toni Anich
    • Thank you so much Toni for this great feedback. We’re so glad you’re enjoying the laundry powder as much as we do.

      Naturally Goat
  10. 5 out of 5

    I use this laundry powder all the time. It works great and is very economical.

    Faye E
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