Why our soaps don’t have bright vibrant colours?

The quality of your health is our concern and therefore we take extreme care in the ingredients we use in our soap.  All our colours are obtained from natural clays and food powders.

Why, because…any colourant that is not a clay, can contain toxic chemicals.  Common chemicals used are Titanium Dioxide, aluminium hydroxide, sodium lauryl sulfate, or Propylene glycol.

Being devoted to making completely natural soaps, we stick NO artificial colours in any of our soaps.  We only use natural and organic clays and or food powder (Eg: pumpkin powder for a yellow/orange colour)

A beautiful natural bar that is bright in colour is no longer completely natural as it now contains chemicals known to be toxic or carcinogenic.

This is true with bright coloured soaps often used for children.

Soap that is pure white, including “natural” or “goats milk” soap will quite possibly contain Titanium Dioxide, which is used to whiten soap.

Be aware that when purchasing soaps from other soap manufactures, they may have included Titanium Dioxide without it being directly included in the ingredients list, as colours such as “mica’s” and “ultramarine’s” have titanium dioxide in them, so therefore when they add these colourants to the soap it is now containing toxic and carcinogenic chemicals.

Our commitment to you is that any colours used in our soaps are completely natural so that there is no irritation to your skin, especially to those with sensitive skin or with eczema.

So be assured there are no toxic chemicals or irritants in any of our soap!