Hand Sanitiser Gel – 70% Alcohol

Hand Sanitiser Gel – 70% Alcohol



This Hand Sanitiser goes completely against our ingredients policies and standards however, given the current situation and regulations with CoVid-19 we have been approached multiple times for a sanitiser that contains over 70% alcohol.

Like so many other hand sanitisers at the moment, we need to include aloe vera gel in order to reduce the drying impact of this much alcohol on your skin.

Unfortunately, the aloe vera gel in this sanitiser contains chemicals that we would not normally include in our products. We have been unable to source any aloe vera gel without them and without the harsh preservatives so unfortunately we can’t get around this at this stage. If anybody knows of any source of aloe vera gel without chemicals or unnatural preservatives, please contact us.

We have our Organic all natural standard Hand Sanitiser Spray with less alcohol for those who simply cannot use the high alcohol content on their dry hands.

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Hand Sanitiser Gel


Pure Alcohol, Aloe Vera Gel, Organic Glycerine, Tea Tree Essential Oil.


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